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Hotel Zazz

This is a branded content piece directed by Lava.

Reproductive Health Success Project

This is a short documentary that Lava directed.


Cannabis Farm

This is a docu-style commerical that Lava directed.


The 3 Day Nun

This is a short documentary about Lava's 3 days as a Thai Theravada Buddhist Nun. The 3 Day Nun was accepted in a dozen film festivals and won a few awards! 

BeWell, NM

This is a commercial directed by Lava. This commercial won a 2023 Silver Telly for directing.


Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya's Findings | Meow Wolf

This is a short documentary that Lava co-directed/produced. This short documentary won a 2023 Bronze Telly.


This is a short film Lava wrote, directed and produced. She also did costumes! Charlie is inspired by a true story about a Chinese Woman Immigrant during the 1800's.

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